An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Organisation Registered under Trust Act of Govt of India, Govt of NCT of Delhi, Registered under Planning Commission of India NPS, Educational Partner of Multi Society for Services to People, Registered under Govt of West Bengal, Working since 2005          

About Us

About Us

             All  India  Yuva  Computer  Saksharta  Mission is  an Autonomous  Institution  Registered Under  Act. 21, 1960 Reg. No. WB IV-00451/2014. It is an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization, Regn No: 104179-A01. Planning Commission No : WB/2014/0084130. AIYCSM & LPEDS under Multi Society For services to People, Registration no: S/IL/32075 2005 - 2006  provides various  training  programs of Computer  Literacy and Cultural Development to  the people of different categories in the society. To fulfill the dream of Govt. of India,”Information Technology for everyone”, and to fulfill the need of 28 Lakhs IT professional till 2015 and other jobs related to  this sector and giving the  employment directly or indirectly to one crore people of India. “All India  Yuva  Computer  Saksharta Mission” has the main motto behind running this program is to bring  computer  revolution in every  village and  city in India by delivering the high technical education at the nominal fee to the people of every category in India.

Aims and   Objectives

          With the motto “Education is the root of every success” All India Youth Computer Saksharata Mission follows the principle of computer literacy to impearl computer education to all classes of people. One of the main objectives of this mission to spread computer knowledge to the down trodden, backwards, detainees, Handicapped, war-widow, minority community, Sc, St, OBC etc at concessional fees. The medium of the educational Programme will be according to their Regional Language Questions will be set in Hindi and English but students will be allowed to answer in their own mother language.


1) To improve the educational status of people by organizing various types of educational programmes.

2) To maintain and run All India Yuva Computer Saksharata Mission as per guidelines and educational policy of state and Central  Government, ministry of Education, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Ministry of Labour and Employment etc.

3)to educate people by giving them job oriented education and training.

4) To hold examination and to grant certificates of proficiency or other academic distinctions or title to persons  who have compiled with the conditions laid down in the regulations of the mission.

5) To promote, establish, support, maintain or grant aid to institution for the promotion of science and technology and e-literacy all over India and rest of the world.

6) To arrange/establish and maintain centres to promote computer education, vocational training and non formal education.

7) To provide adequate knowledge of computer: The main focus of this programme is to provide sound knowledge in computer application and its maintenance at very nominal and affordable fees.

8) To provide free computer education to the people who belongs to the lower category/SC/ST/OBC/widow and Handicap.

Student Self Registration

            Students can register themselves with ALL INDIA YUVA COMPUTER SAKSHARATA MISSION through online admission system and also complete their desired programme through our e-learning and online tutorial mode. After the competition of the programme the students attain an online examination.

Online Verification

                Online verification can be done in following way:                              

Student Verification: After the registration into AIYCSM the student may verify his or her etails from the AIYCSM s website. If any correction requires the students should contact the study centre or directly send a mail to the head office of AIYCSM.

Teaching Methodology:

          “All  India  Yuva Computer  Saksharata  Mission (AIYCSM) offers a high level of computer education with personal care through by highly qualified and experienced faculty and highly innovative teaching with audio visual aid. Regular classroom teaching is supplemented with the practical and interaction with professional experts. The tutorial time is divided into theory and practical session. Apart from regular exercise students are allowed to utilise the unlimited machine to exercise their mind, boost their creativity and increase their level of curiosity. This builds up the self confidence, which allows exploring the wide horizon of computer, and gradually shapes them into confident professional.

Review:  It is the session before  starting the main theory class in which discussion on the last session delivered.

Theory:  It is the combination of theoretical and practical demonstration.                                    

Practical: It is the session in which practice on assignment, question bank &Real life data are to be done.