Certificate In Spoken English Professional

Certificate In Spoken English Professional

Certificate In Spoken English Professional

  • 6 Subjects
  • 37 Student Enrolled
  • 3 Months Duration

In day-to-day life English is commonly used for conversation all over the world. But professional English is learned and used for specific purposes. Professional English is generally used in Institutions, Organizations, any official works and so on.

Course Overview

'Spoken English' is English that is spoken by people to converse and communicate. It comprises the usage of words, phrases and sentences verbally in order to communicate or express ideas or feelings to people around us. Learning English gives the way to a large number of opportunities for growing and progressing socially, individually and economically. You can apply at AIYCSM for development in English communication that will help you to be smart. 


  • Subject: 1
  • Subject: 2
    Introduction to the phonic sounds
  • Subject: 3
    Basic Grammar for spoken English
  • Subject: 4
    Essential English Vocabulary
  • Subject: 5
    Speaking Practice
  • Subject: 6
    Mock Interview Practice

Course Price

Rs 600 Rs 3000

Course Features
  • Compact Syllabus
  • Very Affordable Course
  • Short Term Course
  • Online Study Material
  • Easy Admission Process
  • Professional Support
  • Lifetime Access Sunday and Wednesday at 6 p.m.

Course Details

  • Student Enrolled:37
  • Subject: 6
  • Duration:3 months
  • Assessment:Yes

Spoken English Professional

We Provide International Organization for Standardization Certificated.

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