Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


Usage of terms “we”/ “us”/ “our” refer to All India Yuva Computer Saksharta Mission.


Privacy policy is an electronic initiative to record information formed under Information Technology Act,2000. The rules are meant to amend provisions to pertain electronic information, documents and records. Our policy doesn’t require any electronic, digital or physical signatures for verification.

Privacy policy is set up for linking an user with any specific document. In order to abide by the rules set up by the Institution, the user simply has to affirm by filling an electric form or by clicking on ‘I accept’ tab. By following this method, an user interface will be established to secure connection with the official website.

It is to be noted that any document should be created in accordance with cyber safety measures. Violation of any rules is a punishable offense.

It is advisable to read privacy policies before reaching out to official website, understand the security guidelines to carry out any function.


A set of guidelines are set to avail certain services in our website. Users need to provide personal information to proceed with registration process which will include following-

  • Name
  • Email Id
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Address
  • Pincode

All steps are mandatory to establish user interface and maintain confidentiality to maintain unique user identity. It is important to note that, provided information will not be considered sensitive and will be accessible to public domain. This agenda is procured under the Right to Information Act,2005.


To improve responsiveness, our institute store user information to track different characteristics related to users. Cache is used to make loading of webpage faster. Cookies store information such as user preferences, on the other hand, we use cache to resource file such as user audio, flash files and videos. Cache and cookies don’t hinder any information stored in hard drive but it gathers information from browser history and unique IP address. Such information is used to deliver our webpages to users in accordance to specific interests and locate your geographical address.


Our privacy policy holds practices for functioning of our web page only. We are in no way responsible for any inconvenience resulted from other links.

Also, we share personal information to third party without obtaining prior consent in some limited circumstances.

When requested by law /court/ Gov. agency to verify authenticity. It might include processes of verification, identification, cyber detections and also prosecution and punishment for any kind of cyber offense. We vehemently share such information within group members of the above named organisations for confirming strict verifications.


We abide my strict security measures to protect against unauthorised access from third party. Stern measures prevent unauthorised alterations and disclosure and destruction of data. Internal reviewing of data collection is always kept in check. Safe storage and security measures ensures to safeguard data .

All data information of our webpage is secured by a firewall, seeded on a server. Although access to the server is password protected, we advise to handle personal information with precaution. Any comment posted on social platform is visible to other audience.

We hereby, declare that we are not responsible for any unfortunate event of cyber-crime.

Grievance Addresse

For any complaints and query with regards to any content or comment contact designated Grievance Officer, details are provisioned below.

Mr. Santanu Dey. (Grievance Officer)
Email: [email protected]
Ph: +91 8621010377