Diploma in Applied Vastu

Diploma in Applied Vastu

Diploma in Applied Vastu

  • 21 Subjects
  • 27 Student Enrolled
  • 6 Months Duration

AIYCSM collaboration with Rrishibani Institute Of Vedic Astrology.It is the course on "Applied Vastu Shastra," which is based on the traditions and culture of ancient India. Vastu Shastra has been used since the Indus Valley civilization to design cities, plan drainage systems, and determine communication distances between different regions. We designed the course to combine ancient and modern Vastu Shastra knowledge. Our expert faculties will train you to check, identify, modify, and resolve the disturbances of vastu.

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Course Overview

Vastu Shastra is part of the civilization of ancient India and has huge applications in the modern era. Our society is currently based on commerce and construction. Vastu Shastra is very important for the best management of mass energy and their interaction. The course is designed to cover all aspects of applied Vastu. If you are interested in divinity studies, this course will help you find out how to design and implement ancient mechanisms in your present concepts.


  • Lecture: 1
    Vastu introduction
  • Lecture: 2
    Choose off land
  • Lecture: 3
    Vastu degree and angel
  • Lecture: 4
    How to convert degree and feet, inches
  • Lecture: 5
    Direction knowledge of : East West North South / Vastu posting of Grah
  • Lecture: 6
    Knowledge of type land
  • Lecture: 7
    How to Correct type of land
  • Lecture: 8
    Bhithisula land
  • Lecture: 9
    Dead end plot
  • Lecture: 10
    Diagonal plot
  • Lecture: 11
    Chandrabhedi and Sujju Bedi plot
  • Lecture: 12
    Vastu and color
  • Lecture: 13
    Vastu Devta and his position
  • Lecture: 14
    Door prediction either Falafal
  • Lecture: 15
    Vastu slope and prediction
  • Lecture: 16
    Interior vastu
  • Lecture: 17
    Commercial vastu
  • Lecture: 18
    Industrial vastu
  • Lecture: 19
    Remedial vastu
  • Lecture: 20
    Remedy for land
  • Lecture: 21
    Remedy for home vastu

Course Price

Rs 4,000 Rs 12000

Registration Fee

Rs 4000

Course Features
  • Best Faculty
  • Interactive Education System
  • Practice Oriented Class
  • Online Facility Available
  • Class Recording Available
  • Study Material
  • Instruments will be Provided
  • Instrument Cost Extra
  • Lowest Course Fee
  • certification After Completion of the Course
  • ISO Certified Course

Course Details

  • Student Enrolled:27
  • Subject: 21
  • Duration:6 months
  • Assessment:Yes